GMC Sierra Tested and Approved

gmc sierraIt’s adaptable to whatever you need it for. The New 2014 Sierra can be your everyday truck whether you’re using it on a construction site, off-road, or just to pick up things around town. Doug Guthrie tested the Sierra SLT Crew Cab while towing a 23-foot-long, 4,800-pound Airstream along the Pacific Coast in California. He called it a “practical exercise” since 60% of all Sierra pickups are used to pull trailers. Guthrie also thought the Airstream was easy to hook up with the use of the tailgate-mounted backup camera. He noted, “The trailer securely followed the powerful truck through lane changes in heavy stop-and-go traffic.”

In terms of the interior, he deemed it similar, but nicer than the Silverado. Testing the car for himself, he is also quoted saying, “The Sierra’s comfort and quiet was on display through long effortless miles of picturesque countryside. Large standard mirrors and trailer equipment, such as an easy-to-adjust electric trailer brake controller, helped me feel confident maneuvering in traffic and along curvy canyon roads.” You really get to know a truck on a test drive like Guthrie’s.

You also get a chance to take in the exterior styling of the truck. Guthrie noticed the bigger grille, taller hood, and chrome bumpers. He was very impressed with the 5.3-liter V8 engine on his Sierra because it towed the Airstream with ease and still maintained power for expressway merging.  Guthrie compares the Silverado and Sierra like brothers, “The Sierra is the brother who went into management. He lives to work, but maximizes enjoyment of the good life whenever he can.” We’re pretty sure he likes the 2014 Sierra more than just a little bit.

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