2014 GMC Terrain vs. 2014 GMC Acadia: Which is Right for You?

2014 gmc acadia

2014 GMC Adacia


Here at Arnie Bauer in Matteson we are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of GMC trucks, and SUVs. We are especially enthusiastic when it comes to the 2014 GMC Terrain and the 2014 GMC Acadia. Many consumers have wondered exactly what the difference is between these two GMC vehicles. At first glance they tend to look similar, but when you look a bit closer you’ll see that both have their own superior features to fill consumer’s individual needs.

2014 gmc terrain

2014 GMC Terrain

Let’s begin with the GMC’s 2014 Terrain. This GMC vehicle is considered a mid-size crossover which simply means it is really neither singularly a car nor an SUV, but actually a bit of both. The Terrain has a roomy interior that comfortably seats five passengers. The standard engine offered with the Crossover is a 2.4-liter, four cylinder producing 182 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque complete with six-speed transmission.This offering gives the GMC Terrain the best in both worlds with good acceleration while still retaining strong fuel-economy ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency.  For those looking for a bit more power you also have a choice of the upgraded V-6 engine that is available on a selection of elevated trim level models. The 2014 GMC Terrain is available starting at $26,465.

Now as for the GMC Acadia, this vehicle is the larger of the two. With three rows of seats available in the Acadia up to eight passengers can be accommodated with comfort and safety.  The GMC Acadia comes standard with a 3.6-liter, V-6 engine that produces 288 horsepower while still retaining respectable fuel economy ratings of 17 city/24 highway. The Acadia definitely offers space, but not just for its passengers. The Acadia offers owners up to 116 cubic feet of cargo space when all three rows of seats are stowed away. The 2014 GMC Acadia has an MSRP of $34,485.

Here at Arnie Bauer we are happy to offer both of these excellent GMC vehicles to you, and many more. We are happy to demonstrate for our customers the benefits and features of all of our vehicles to help you decide which vehicle is the perfect fit for you.

Stop in to our showroom today in Matteson, and talk with one of our Arnie Bauer sales professionals today!

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