Great Holiday Gifts for the Driver in Your Life

Many of us have someone in our lives who takes us around wherever we need to go. Whether it’s a parent, friend or significant other, there are a lot of great car-related gifts out there this holiday season. These are our favorites from a recent list compiled by The Christian Science Monitor:

For the family taxi driver: headrest DVD players: This is a great gift for a driver with kids. While you may be used to seeing DVD players in luxury vehicles, you can now pick one of these up at your local big-box store. Even though we live a world dominated by the smartphone and tablet, many prefer these in-car entertainment systems. They never run out of battery.

For the home-garage mechanic: Retrieving magnet: Many of us have that friend that can fix every thing on their car and is always giving you tips to help make your life easier. Chances are they have a ton of tools and are picky about the brand, look and feel. Forget about gifting some big tool; think simple and magnetic. Magnetic retrieving tools and magnetized tray parts are a great gift idea and are something that can be used over and over.

For the new driver: Text-control device: Here at Arnie Bauer, nothing is more important to us than safety. While this gift is slated for the new driver, we think it would be a great gift for every driver who has a texting habit. Because so many accidents occur as a result of texting and driving, Scosche has introduced the cellcontrol plugs into a car’s diagnostic port to detect when your vehicle is in motion. It then uses Bluetooth technology to disable certain functions on your phone. Isn’t this a great safety gadget?

For the ever-prepared driver: Road Kit:  A roadside emergency kit is a great gift, especially for your loved one who has a long commute. The best kits on the market include mini air compressors, jumper cables, work gloves and a flashlight. If you can find one with zip ties, that’s even better.

For the tech-savvy driver: Car-shaped USB jump drive: This item is such a fun stocking stuffer! Search the web for your gift recipient’s favorite car and chances are you will find it.

For the pet-loving driver: Dog console car seat: Anyone who owns or is friends with someone who owns a dog understands that fur will be everywhere. But paw prints on the upholstery are a no-no. Enter the console pet car seat.  Available in a variety of colors, this seat will keep your dog safe, comfortable and contained during a car ride.

What gifts are you giving the driver in your life this holiday season?

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Photo Courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor

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