Gwenyth Paltrow Pushes Cadillac Brand?


Cadillac is no longer just a brand—it’s an experience.

Cadillac has made it clear that they’re positioning themselves as a fashion-focused luxury experience, and their latest “Road to Table” partnership with Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop.

Late this July, Paltrow and New York chef Mario Batali teamed up for the first “Road to Table” dinner in the Big Apple, with the event playing host to a large number of social media moguls and big-time foodies.

Starting out at Untitled, a contemporary American restaurant located inside the Whitney Museum of American Art, guests enjoyed a variety of mocktails before being handed the keys to a fleet of black and white Cadillac XT5 sports utility vehicles. While en route to La Sirena on Ninth Avenue, Batali’s newest restaurant, attendees were encouraged to share their experience with the vehicle on social media (of course, hired drivers were ready to take over at La Sirena, masterfully parallel parking the Cadillacs on the crowded New York street).

“Curating a group of people to have an amazing dinner and ride in an incredible car and have that experience is very much what Goop is about,” Lisa Gersh, the CEO of Goop, told Adweek. “It touches on a lot of elements that are important to our audience, like food and lifestyle.”

Of course, the partnership was also a match made on Ninth Avenue for Cadillac. With the carmaker making moves to target the upper-class and fashion-friendly, such as the recent opening of the Cadillac House in Manhattan, this Goop partnership will put the Cadillac brand right at the fingertips, eyes and now taste buds of this swanky demographic.

Additional aspects of this partnership include sponsored culinary guides, recipes and entertaining tips from celebrity chefs and other bloggers on Goop by Cadillac.

“As we look into areas like fashion, entrepreneurship, art, travel, culinary and entertainment, this is the best example of how we’re integrating product into those lifestyle environments,” Nathan Tan, associate director of brand partnerships and experiences at Cadillac, told Adweek. “Goop readers and Cadillac drivers have a shared value set around exploration, travel and off-the-beaten-path experiences, so it’s an organic fit.”

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