Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

winter carIt’s that time of year again and before inclement weather arrives, with our help, you can easily prepare your vehicle for the coming months of harsh conditions. While preventative maintenance for your vehicle is always a good thing, there are things that should be done specifically to help your vehicle run efficiently in cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions.

Although winter tires are an option, most people can benefit from a set of all-season tires. When examining your tires the most important thing to focus on is adequate tread depth. If the tread is too worn they need to be replaced now before snowy weather arrives. Tire pressure is also important for proper tire performance and can be easily checked with a tire gauge. A check of lug bolts and their tightness is also good, but if you are having your tires changed then a mechanic can do a full safety check for you.

Next on the list is a check of your vehicle’s antifreeze. If you had a flush of your radiator this year you should be fine, but you or your mechanic can also help check to verify a 50/50 ratio of antifreeze to water. This really is a crucial part of protecting your vehicle in those really frigid temperatures.

The last step may seem trivial, but with all the snow and rainy conditions windshield wipers are key components of vehicle safety. Check your wipers and make sure they are in great condition to ensure clear visibility. Along with wipers a quick check to make sure your windshield washer fluid is full is a necessity as you will use it a lot more often in the coming months.

To make sure your vehicle is ready for winter, visit Arnie Bauer for knowledgeable assistance in preparing for the winter ahead. Contact our service department to schedule an appointment to get your car checked and ready for the cold.

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