How to Stay Safe on the Roads as the New School Year Approaches

pedestrianThe roads change when the school year starts up. For one thing, there are just more cars on the roads between kids driving to school, parents dropping off their kids, and huge buses picking up dozens of children.

Buses present another kind of problem as well. Forcing cars to stop when picking up children is a good policy, but it does slow down the traffic and add to congestion. School zones have a similar effect as they slash speed limits down to a fraction of what they normally are. Make sure you carefully observe these laws and adjust your schedule to allow for more time to reach your destination.

Make sure to routinely check your engine fluids, brakes, tires, and other key parts of your vehicle because you will want your vehicle to operating at its peak efficiency when driving your little ones to school.

When dropping them off, be sure to follow their school’s traffic instructions. Every school does things a little differently, but following the cones, reading the traffic signs, and obeying officials is the best way to stay safe. Always allow them time to get out of the vehicle and never drop them off in an area that forces them to cross the street. Most importantly, exercise common sense and follow safety best practices. As long as you have that on your side, your children will be out of harm’s way.

Arnie Bauer encourages safe driving every where you go! Get your car serviced regularly to ensure that it is running properly so you can always drive your safest!

Source: Vancouver Sun

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