Introducing the All-New 2017 GMC Acadia

2017 GMC Acadia

GMC’s popular Acadia model is getting its first makeover since the model’s 2006 debut, and the new model is already turning heads and creating a lot of buzz. The 2017 GMC Acadia is being rebranded as a crossover, making it one of GM’s first crossovers to switch to a newer and lighter platform. The redesign is only costing a bit of room in the car’s seating and cargo capacity, but the upshots are increased gas mileage and better handling.

This news is similar to that of another GM brand, Buick, in their recent cancellation of the Verano in order to pursue more crossover options, and it’s an occurrence that’s likely to keep cropping up. “We’re going after the heart of the market,” said GMC’s vice president of marketing, Tony DiSalle, and it seems like the new Acadia will be one of those flagship vehicles.

So what’s new about the 2017 Acadia? First, it’s going to provide a superior driving experience and upgraded safety features, two big bonuses that should make up for the car’s more compact figure. Additionally, GM plans to create a five-seat All Terrain version of the Acadia that will be similar in fashion to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a model for which GM has no direct rival, as mentioned by Cars writer Fred Meier.

New Car Deals Near Park ForestAdditionally, the 2017 Acadia will be available in six trim levels, with options for a 2.5-liter four- or 4.6-liter V-6 six-cylinder engines, a six-speed automatic transmission and front- or all-wheel drive in all but the SL trim, which is to be front-wheel-drive only. Other driving technology includes an “active twin clutch” all-wheel-drive system that’s great for roaring down slick surfaces with safety and ease. Meier reports that “the 2017 is more carlike and surprisingly agile,” with the Denali model offering a “fine adaptive suspension.” Sports mode is great for tightening the suspension down curvy roads and hills, a perk that Meier calls “choice” for families with kids prone to carsickness. However, Meier also notes that the standard suspension (for models without the Sports mode option) is practically comparable in that aspect.

Both the four- and six-cylinder engines show an improved gas mileage compared to the 2016 model, with the four-cylinder featuring a stop-start function and the V-6 featuring a deactivation mode that makes it a V-4 under light loads. The result? The front-wheel-drive models are rated at 21/26/23 MPG for city/highway/combined in the four-cylinder and the V-6 ranks at 18/25/21, with only a tiny bit of MPG sufferance when switching to all-wheel drive.

Inside, the 2017 GMC Acadia shines. Meier was impressed by the feel of the interior trim, calling the design “pleasant” and “almost subdued.” The more compact Acadia still features ample storage room and living space for passengers, although the cargo room does see a decrease in exchange for the smaller car’s heightened agility and better gas mileage.

As with any new model, the technology in the 2017 GMC Acadia is getting an update, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration being standard. The new Acadia will feature a seven-inch touch-screen IntelliLink system on the SL and SLE trims, with the option to upgrade to an eight-inch screen on the SLE, SLT and Denali models. Reviewers report that the screen’s buttons are large and easy to use, especially since the model still has physical knobs for volume, tuning and “Home” and “Back” on the interface. OnStar is present, of course, and now offers 4G LTE service. Additionally, drivers can add on an eight-speaker Bose audio system.

As one final perk of the new 2017 GMC Acadia, the smaller size means a smaller price tag than previous models. “What you get for less money is a different, but I think better and more efficient, vehicle that meets the needs of most families,” said Meier. “If you really need a minivan, buy one. Nothing beats it. If not, this is an Acadia you can enjoy driving.”

These 2017 GMC Acadias have not yet seen a nationwide release to dealerships. However, we’d love for you to drop by and see us at Arnie Bauer , just a short drive from Tinley Park, IL, so that we can make sure to contact you as soon as we have a few on our lot. In the meantime, feel free to test drive any one of our older 2016 GMC Acadias or maybe get a feel for a GM crossover while being behind the wheel of a 2016 Buick Encore.

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