Latest Car Tech: Animal Detection Systems

Every year, we hear about a ton of new technologies coming out of the auto shows. This year, one of the standout technologies coming out of the L.A. Auto Show is a technology that will help drivers detect animals on the road at night.

This technology is the next generation of Night Vision, which currently helps detect pedestrians. The new system will use algorithms and thermal imagery infrared cameras to detect and see animals on the road beyond what you can see with your headlights. You will be alerted visually and audibly if the system detects something via the in-car display.

This system is the latest advancement in collision avoidance systems. Other systems on the market, including those for blind spot detections and lane departure warning, have helped decrease the number of crashes.

Recent estimates from the Highway Loss Data Institute show that if all passenger vehicles were equipped with at least four sensor-based alert systems, 1 out of 3 fatal and 1 out of 5 injury crashes could be prevented or made less severe.

We have a lot of animals on the road here in Illinois and the Arnie Bauer team is excited to learn more about this new technology. Is this a feature you wish was available for your vehicle?

Source: Chicago Tribune

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune.

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