Luxury Car Buyers Take a Second Look at the New Cadillac CT6

new Cadillac CT6

The  new Cadillac CT6 is definitely making a name for itself as far as premium vehicles are concerned.

And in China, Arnie Bauer is told, Cadillac has tapped into one of the fastest growing markets – the full-size luxury sedan.

In fact, that segment saw a 17 percent increase last year in the region, and now the American automaker is planning to capitalize on that growth here in the U.S.

Announcing its return to the luxury car market, Cadillac debuted the CT6 last year at the New York International Auto Market.  And from what we now know, Cadillac is banking on trendy, upscale enthusiasts in areas like New York and Hollywood to be its primary customer base.

These are the people who would normally be looking to purchase a Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar.

In fact, after hiring former Audi exec, Johan de Nysschen in 2014, the Detroit automaker has planned to pack its bags (at least the G.M. unit) and move to Manhattan in efforts to rebrand itself as the premium car manufacturer it once was.

And in June, it opened the doors to its new SoHo-based art gallery named Cadillac House – a space that the carmaker hopes will help lead a new kind of customer to its doorsteps.

But Nysschen says the concept behind the Cadillac House is to be an introduction to people who may not have otherwise considered the brand, not a means to sell their cars.

Now that the best four-door car the brand has ever built is on the market, we think the CT6 will inspire those searching for a luxury car, to take a second look.

Boasting an 8-speed automatic rear wheel or all-wheel drive, the top-of-the-line CT6’s twin turbo, 3-liter V6 engine produces approximately 400hp.

If that isn’t enough, Cadillac also offers a new four wheel steering system that angles the rear wheels for cornering control – giving it the capability to handle better than any other vehicle in its class, according to the automaker.

Style and design is one of this sedan’s best features as 19” polished aluminum wheels, a textured chrome grille, light blade running lamps, and vertical LED tail lamps grace the exterior.

And the amenities inside won’t disappoint either.

Beginning with Cadillac’s CUE system – its touch screen infotainment technology with voice command –polished Mineral Poplar Burl wood with Bronze Carbon Fiber trim, heated/ventilated front seats, dual pane sunroof, optional 34-speaker Bose Panaray audio system, satellite radio, and a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot are just a few of the niceties CT6 customers will enjoy.

This new Cadillac CT6 sells anywhere from $53,500 to $65,300 depending on the package and with the current upgrades, is certainly expected to give its German-rivals a run for their money. Chicago Cadillac drivers can stop by our showroom and find a Cadillac that’s the perfect fit.

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