Medical Professional Put Spotlight on Car Seat Safety Concerns

Being a parent isn’t easy. There is no handbook that comes with it, although there should be. This is especially true when it comes to keeping them safe in our automobiles. Every parent knows that a child seat is needed, but they don’t always know how to install it correctly. What’s worse is that sometimes they don’t use the seat properly. In a recent study, it was found that a quarter of all parents admit to not buckling their child up for every ride.

kid in car seatThis often happens because they are in a rush or just going for a short ride, and they think that not buckling up just once won’t hurt. Sometimes, their children are just too fussy, and parents don’t feel like putting up with it. Whatever the excuse is, it’s never a good one. Children always need to be buckled in. It only takes one accident, even just a fender bender, to change a child’s life forever. Having a child properly restrained lessens the chance that they will be injured by at least 50%, and that number goes up much higher for infants.

The health professionals at Meritus Health are taking the opportunity to spread this kind of information around and keep parents informed. They’re confident that, if every mother and father knew these facts, lives would be saved as a result.

Here at Arnie Bauer Buick Cadillac GMC we strongly urge parents to make sure their children are in the proper child car seat and secured properly. We have many safe vehicles for you to transport your family in. Stop by today or visit our website to start the search now.

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