More Crossovers for Cadillac?

cadillac crossover

After years of pushing Cadillac as the best luxury brand for your buck, Johan de Nysschen decided a few changes needed to be made. First, Cadillacs would stop filling out rental fleets and start pushing for sales versus leases. This has helped give Cadillac the strong monetary value we know and respect, but de Nysschen still faces a dilemma: when you’re one of the most recognized car brands in the world, what do you do make sure that title stays?

Car enthusiast, auto writer and experienced automotive man Bob Lutz has one suggestion: go with the market, and push for crossovers.

The XT5, Cadillac’s flagship crossover, lives up to its statement of “versatility, reinvented.” Starting out at nearly half the cost of the carmaker’s iconic Escalade, the XT5 makes sense for modern buyers. As Lutz puts it, “we are witnessing what is probably a terminal trend away from cars to crossovers.” Buyers want to make sure they’re getting the most out of every dollar put towards their vehicle, and that’s where the compromise of the crossover is key: it’s the best marriage of efficiency, economy, space and power for most in the market. Of course, few things beat the awe-inspiring impressiveness when an Escalade or a CT6 rolls by, but today’s market trends towards cost-efficient comfort versus opulence.

But one of the greatest feats of the XT5 is that the tradeoff between value and luxury is minimal; the design is elegant and intelligent both inside and out, with its base price of just under $40,000 making it a standout competitor for the conscientious buyer who may not be willing to spend another $20,000 just for a foreign nameplate. For years, Cadillac has been known for its rear-wheel-drive sedans, but the success of the front-wheel-drive XT5 crossover has many wondering if that should be the focal point—in today’s market, the cry seems to just be “give us more crossovers!”

What are your thoughts on the future of Cadillac? Should they go in the direction that Lutz and many other reviewers have suggested, opting to float with the crossover current? At Arnie Bauer, we’ll be interested to see where the streams finally empty out, but either way we know that a Cadillac logo still means three things: quality, luxury and one of the best drives out there.

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