New Buick Vehicles Named Most Reliable

Matteson Buick Dealer

Driving home the idea that the recent renaissance at Buick is much more substantial than your average marketing campaign, the trusted researchers at Consumer Reports have recently named the General Motors brand one of its top three most reliable automakers of the year, a feat not achieved by another of Detroit’s so-called ‘Big 3’ in nearly thirty years. With many industry insiders and drivers alike traditionally looking to the publication for reliable information about the best automotive investments available, this recognition should give anyone a good reason to take a second look at what Buick has to offer lately.

Naturally, much of what makes Consumer Reports a reliable source for solid automotive testing and review results is the fact that many of its analyses are based wholly on, as the publication’s title has long highlighted, the first-hand experience of actual users, rather than the opinions of critics or reviewers. With the annual reliability rankings being judged strongly by a wide field of actual drivers, it’s easy to see why many are quick to take the results to heart.

With all that’s been going at Buick lately to step things up to a whole new level, we can only say that this year’s findings come as no surprise, though it may still be shocking to some to see the brand going through such a successful reinvention. Sporting a completely refreshed lineup of increasingly well-received new vehicles, including the stately and stylish Enclave full-size SUV, the nimble, compact Encore crossover, and the sleekly luxurious Verano, Regal, and classic LaCrosse sedans, GM is giving Buick everything it needs to make good on the potential that originally established it as the cream of the American luxury crop. Now, it’s finally certain that the Buick brand is on the rise again in a big way.

Consumer Reports isn’t the only publication making sure to add Buick to the ‘best-of’ rosters, either, as J.D. Power also recently elected Buick to the top ranks of its own distinguished annual dependability study. As Buick also continues to make waves in more international markets than ever before, it’s clear that the whole world is now taking notice of the company’s hard work. Starting from the bottom up with new architectures, powerful and efficient new engine designs, as well as the streamlined integration of the many modern technological enhancements that we’ve come to expect from capable, up-to-date vehicles, you can bet that there’s a whole new Buick to meet again, for the first time!

Though we couldn’t be more excited about the standout acknowledgement that Buick has been receiving from critics, publications, and consumers far and wide lately, we’ve also got a good feeling that this is just the beginning for everything that the company has to offer in the near future. Look to us here for a heads-up on all of the news to come, and consider yourself welcome for a proper introduction to the all-new Buick family anytime, right here at Arnie Bauer!

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