New Safety Technology Looks to be Proactive

Rear cameraAutomakers have been developing safety technology in their vehicles that have begun to take on the matter of safety in a more proactive manner. One of the most unique and innovative features to come along are backup cameras that allow drivers to see exactly what is behind them without the use of mirrors or having to physically turning around.

Despite such cameras already being in place in nearly 80% of all vehicles produced in 2013, there are certain groups whose agendas dictate that all vehicles have such a device as standard equipment. Many have brought suit against the US Department of Transportation claiming that government delays are preventing the cameras from becoming national law.

In a related matter, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has ordered that current testing of rear view cameras be increased and a rating system established. Some of the cameras and sensors are so attuned that they seem to predict a potential collision. These systems can activate the braking system when it senses such a situation.

Government dictate has been stalled due mainly to automakers being hesitant to take on the added expense of the camera technology. Many new luxury cars as well as SUV’s now, also, have front crash detection systems that can actually slow the vehicle down or bring it to a complete stop.

Despite the additional cost to the consumer, the IIHS has developed a rating system for the camera technology. A Superior rating indicates that the vehicle has automatic braking. An Advanced rating means that the vehicle has the front end crash detection system with the brake engagement feature. A Basic rating, the lowest, means that the vehicle just has the front end system minus the braking ability.

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Source: CBS News

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