New Vice President Duncan Aldred has Big Changes in Store for the GMC Brand

According to Buick-GMC Vice President, Duncan Aldred, a new GMC is coming soon. When asked about the future, Aldred recently said, “I have come here to do a job and change the face of the brand.” The new effort to breathe some life into GMC is expected to help boost sales and strengthen the brand as a whole. This new strategy could even bring the addition of a Jeep Wrangler type of SUV and a possible large luxury SUV flagship.

Popular GMC models here at Arnie Bauer, like the GMC Sierra, have always had loyal followers, but with the changes being discussed for the company, there might be even more options in store for fans of the solid brand that has been around since 1912.

Aldred seems to have very high ambitions, saying, “We are looking at everything.” A complete re-branding for GMC could mean many things, maybe even new model vehicles. Though there are currently no solid plans to add additional models to the GMC lineup, the company is said to be brainstorming,  Aldred commenting, “There is room throughout the range if you really start segmenting it. There is plenty of room in the hierarchy.”

GMC enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of a large luxury SUV that could be larger than the popular Yukon, or an “active all-road, Wrangler-esque type of vehicle,” as described by Aldred. “There are definitely more big segments we could play in if we want to.”

It’s clear we should expect big things from the brand going forward, whatever direction GMC decides to take, and with the new leadership and desire for innovation igniting fire within the brand, we can expect to see these big changes coming soon.

For this reason, along with many others, Arnie Bauer is proud to offer GMC vehicles to our customers, including the GMC Canyon, Sierra, Acadia, Terrain, and more. Come in to our showroom today here in Matteson to see the entire GMC lineup of pickup trucks and SUVs for yourself!

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