Newest Cadillac Commercials Make an Oscar Debut

Matteson Cadillac Dealer

This year the 89th Academy Awards were filled with glitz, glamor and sizzling red carpet appearances.

And according to Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus, it was the perfect time to show off the American automaker’s Cadillac Escala Concept.

Cadillac has run ads during the Oscars in the past, but this year, it will be airing commercials for a vehicle it has no plans to sell.

So, what’s Cadillac’s strategy for buying airtime when it’s currently featuring a product that hasn’t even made production?

Simple. The newest Cadillac Escala is a concept vehicle that highlight’s the brand’s history, while showcasing forward-looking stylings and direction it plans to go.

Adopted by the brand back in 1999, the ‘Art and Science’ design language is Cadillac’s latest architecture that helped catapult the automaker to where it is today.

Cadillac wanted to move away from the softer, rounder bodies it produced in the 90’s and return to the ‘sharp, sheer forms and crisp edges’ of the past – translating into bigger, bolder grilles.

And as Ellinghaus explained, Cadillac’s newest commercials that debuted at the Oscars will represent the brand’s overall message.

So in an effort to quiet the concerns that Arnie Bauer and other dealers had about Cadillac publicizing a vehicle that hasn’t yet reached production, the car company says the Escala concept “offers a preview of future Cadillac designs.”

Last year, the four-door concept was first unveiled at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance while making its second appearance in 2017 at the North American International Auto Show.

But the Escala isn’t the only Cadillac vehicle to steal a spot during the Oscar’s. The CT6 sedan was featured during the 2017 awards.

Filmed in the center of Holmdel New Jersey’s Bell Works’ Atrium, “The Pedestal” is one of three ads that aired as a part of Cadillac’s ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign. It alludes to the rise, fall and renewal of the brand.

The two other commercials – “Carry” reminding people that despite our differences, we can dare greatly together and “Pioneers” signifying Cadillac’s desire to build on the past to take hold of what lies ahead – also aired on Oscar night.

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