Rare GM Models Hit the Auction Block

Earlier this week, 25 cars were up for bids at the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company in Scotsdale, Arizona.

Along with the Mercedes-Benz once owned by Clark Gable, the auction company sold two gorgeous GM classics: The 1956 Buick Super 56-Convertible and the La Salle C-Hawk from Cadillac.

1956 Buick

It’s hard to believe that this Buick has less than 5,600 miles on the odometer. This beauty sold for $220,000 at auction.

1939 caddy

The lucky owner of this Cadillac paid $269,500 for this beautiful classic.

If vintage isn’t your style, come down to Arnie Bauer and we can show you something more modern to suite your taste.

Source: The Business Insider

Photos Courtesy of The Business Insider.

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