Redesigned Escalade Fulfills Cadillac’s Art and Science Aspirations

Cadillac is shaking things up and looking to debut the new 2015 Escalade in a completely new way. Autumn de Wilde noted fashion and music photographer was tasked with capturing the vehicle and design processes of the all new Escalade.

Cadillac_EscaladeDe Wilde brought an artistic eye while photographing the Escalade at a ranch in Lebec, California. Taking advantage of the natural landscape and a stunning art installation of De Wilde’s design the new Escalade was captured like a work of art.  Two 12 foot tall house like structures of colored Plexiglas and mirrors stood tall next to the vehicle enhancing the redesigned shiny exterior. This focus of blending art into the Cadillac world stems from the company’s “Art & Science” motif which came into play in 2002 with the Cadillac CTS.

As a whole the vehicle has been completely designed with the mindset of creating something beautiful, a true work of art. Even with thoughtful upgrades like body panels designed to catch light reflections, elongated vertical headlights, a larger satin finish grille, and acoustic glass in the windshield the Escalade keeps those hard edges it’s known for. It has been compared it to Cadillac’s concept vehicle the Elmiraj and its similar streamlined, but sophisticated surfaces.

The Escalade may be beautiful on the outside but still remains a true workhorse underneath all that chrome, wood, and leather. With a powerful 6.2 liter V8 engine producing 420 horsepower the Escalade is powered by a similar engine to the Chevrolet Stingray Corvette.  While it may be a power house its redesigned cabin and doors include extra insulation and specialized glass that help keep noise at a minimum. With all these upgrades Fuel economy hasn’t been forgotten forecasting a 10% improvement in both city and highway driving.

In addition to the exterior redesign, improvements made inside the vehicle have received a lot of attention as well. Wider rear door opening and additional storage space made from third row seats that now fold into the floor add great versatility. Leather, suede, and wood grain truly demonstrate the craftsmanship that has gone into the interior of the Escalade. Cadillac has also improved their CUE system which is conveniently controlled by a large touchscreen.

De Wilde seemingly blended two different worlds by not only showing off the new 2015 Escalade, but also capturing images the people who built the car from its earliest stages. She has helped the Escalade be seen in a new light, but has also showed a personal side to this heavily manufactured industry. The new Escalade is a modern mixture of engineering, science, and art.

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Source: Forbes

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