A Sneak Peek at the Buick Regal

Buick Regal

Earlier in August of this year, we discussed the possibility of Buick introducing a Sport Tourer edition to its Regal lineup. For months, rumors have been floating around that Buick will introduce this wagon version of the popular Regal in the North American market, since its European counterpart already exists as the Opel Insignia Sport Tourer. These rumors were fanned when Buick moved to protect the name “Regal TourX” late last year, a name many believe is meant to foreshadow a Regal wagon á la the Sport Tourer.

However, sources are now saying it’s possible that the new Regal will instead mimic the Insignia Grand Sport, a five-door hatchback that was recently spotted doing camouflaged test drives in the English countryside. With its long roof and spacious hatchback storage, it’s possible that the Grand Sport model more closely aligns with the next iteration of Regal.

Which route?

In a market that’s saturated with crossovers, SUVs and hatchbacks, it’s difficult to say how successful a Regal wagon would be in the U.S. market compared to a hatchback alternative. The uniqueness of a wagon could play to its advantage, but the market may fail to show up to dealerships. Wagons are known to offer a high degree of versatility and roominess while cutting some of the bulk associated with crossovers but is that enough to appeal to a wide range of North Americans?

It is worth noting that many premium brands in competition with Buick already offer a wagon model that sees success, such as Audi’s A4 Allroad or the Mercedes E-Class Wagon. However, the latest photos of the Insignia Grand Sport feature lines that are definitely in-demand among North American buyers, with sporty styling, two rows of seating and ample storage space.

Waiting game

Left Lane News reports that Vauxhall, the GM division in charge of the Insignia line, will unveil the newest model at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. Bloggers are hopeful that the next-generation Buick Regal will also make a similar debut, finally putting the rumors to rest or proving them true.

Before then, those of us at Arnie Bauer will work to keep you updated on Buick, GMC and Cadillac news. As always, feel free to stop by and see us if you’d like to experience any of the Buick Regals we have on our lot, such as the all-new 2017 Buick Regal Sport Touring.

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