Staying Safe this Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching many of us will be spending more time traveling. With weather conditions to take into consideration consumers should plan ahead by taking a few precautions before hitting the road.

winter safetyThe U.S. Department of Transportation states the average distance traveled during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Day holiday season is 245 miles. 91 percent of these miles are driven in personal vehicles.

First things first, be prepared. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping you safe and on the road. Taking your vehicle in to have a general inspection before any long distance travel will make sure you arrive at your destination safely. Even a basic check of your vehicle’s fluid levels, wipers, and tire pressure can help clue you in to any issues. You can easily check your tires, and their tread depth to determine if they need to be replaced, and if you’re going to be driving through extreme conditions snow tires could be good investment.

Do your research. Having an emergency in an unfamiliar area can be worrisome. The Better Business Bureau offers all the information you need regarding trustworthy services for tow trucks, and locksmiths. You can access all the information needed on their mobile optimized website from anywhere, even the side of the road.

Keep your car free of distractions. The National Safety Council states 28 percent of accidents happen while people are talking or texting. Keep your passengers and yourself safe by using a hands free headset while driving and programming your GPS before departing for your trip.

Give yourself plenty of time. Being rushed leads to stress and dangerous driving situations. Leaving early and avoiding holiday traffic can make your trip safer and more enjoyable. Speeding can increase chances of a car accident, and can also delay your travels if your caught speeding. Take your time, drive safely, and you’ll be at your destination in time to ring in the New Year.

Here at Arnie Bauer we are happy to help you schedule an appointment with our service department to have your vehicle inspected, and check this detail off your holiday to do list.


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