Study Says 45% of Teens Still Text and Drive

Texting-While-DrivingA recent study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed some frightening statistics regarding teen’s who text and drive. According to the study, four in nine teenagers have texted while driving just within the last month. Furthermore, the responses to CDC’s annual youth survey revealed that approximately 45 percent of teens admitted to texting while driving at some point over the course of a year and a shocking 12 percent admitted to texting and driving on a daily basis.

The CDC’s study also revealed that teens who participated in this behavior were also at risk for other behaviors. Many admitted to drinking and driving or being a passenger in a vehicle where the driver had been drinking. It’s already been proven that texting while driving is a dangerous habit. It can lead to accidents or cause fatalities. And the new study shows that this type of risky behavior is leading to other types of behavior that can be equally dangerous.

It’s recommended that parents help to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, such risky behaviors. This can be done by parents talking to their children about the importance of safety while driving. Children should be encouraged to drive responsibly and to avoid things like sending or receiving text messages until they’re out of the vehicle. They should also be discouraged from engaging in other risky behaviors, such as drinking and driving. It’s also recommended that parents connect with their pediatricians or school counselors to help discourage these issues and address any other concerns that may be affecting their children.

Here at Arnie Bauer, we are huge supporters of safe driving practices and setting an example for young teens starting to drive. We encourage all adults to refrain from using their phones while driving, in order to set an example for their children. To find a great vehicle at a reasonable price check out our inventory here.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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