The GMC Sierra Now With Trailering Enhancements


If you’re in love with the but need more towing power, the answer has arrived. GMC recently announced that its Sierra lineup is set to receive a few of the latest trailer enhancements for 2016.

Sierra HD drivers will have the option to purchase a gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailering prep package directly from the factory for $350. This option features a frame-mounted hitch platform and tray that accommodates a gooseneck ball hitch or fifth-wheel hitch mounting brackets. Additionally, the upgrade easily stows under the truck when not in use, and it can be removed completely to increase cargo capacity. This package also includes caps for the floor openings and a bed-mounted seven-way trailer wiring connection.

GMC dealers now offer new gooseneck completion kits that feature a 2-5/16-inch ball hitch and two chain tie-downs for $315. Further, GMC dealers now have CURT Manufacturing fifth-wheel hitches that are compatible for the prep package. These can be purchased at a rating of 20,000 pounds for $939 and 25,000 pounds for $999 before tax, installation and labor charges.

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The Sierra HD’s fifth-wheel trailering ratings max out at 18,000 pounds for the 2500HD, 17,500 pounds for the 3500HD’s single-rear-wheel trailering and 23,200 pounds for the 3500HD’s dual-rear-wheel trailering.

Additionally, GMC has announced a new Echomaster trailering camera system compatible for both the 2014-2016 Sierra 1500 and HD. By incorporating three cameras, two side-view cameras and one for the rear of the trailer, the new system offers vastly improved vision on difficult spots. These cameras wirelessly feed into the IntelliLink screen mounted inside the cab, and they are capable of transmitting infrared lit images for low-light situations. This system also has room to support a fourth camera, such as a camera located inside the trailer, which feeds into the IntelliLink interface. This system is available from dealers at the starting price of $999 before tax, installation and labor.

At Arnie Bauer, we have always testified to the towing power and safety of the GMC Sierra line, and now that promise is even stronger. Feel free to stop by today and in any one of our 2016 GMC Sierras, such as an Iridium Metallic 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. Remember: your dollar has more power at Arnie Bauer.

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