The New Buick LaCrosse Sees Some Significant Changes

buick-lacrosseThe 2013 Buick LaCrosse was a great car, but don’t get too used to it quite yet. The 2014 model has taken on some huge upgrades. The new LaCrosse is a completely different car with its own unique feel. Don’t worry though, GM didn’t alter any of its classic features.

The new LaCrosse is focused on delivering absolute luxury. It’s exterior has seen some changes, but the interior is where the makeover really becomes apparent. The seating covers are now beautifully colored and composed of high quality leather. The console has a new elegant trim and some fancy, cutting-edge gadgets as well. That handsome trim is present throughout the cabin. The pillars and headliners are also adorned with imitation suede, which is a much more luxurious material than it sounds. These deluxe features don’t come with the stock model though. The Ultra-Luxury Interior will burn a hole in your wallet at $2,450.

Buick has been seeing great success lately in the U.S., but it’s been doing even better in China, selling half a million vehicles there since 2009. Chinese drivers are enamored by its luxurious features and comfortable feel, and the push for additional luxury is likely designed as way to further increase its share of China’s market.

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