Tips for Car Safety in the Summer

summer drivingThe summer is the hottest time of the year creating more mayhem for your car then you would probably expect. Consider this short list of car safety tips during the hot summer months:

1.       Check your Fluids. They can evaporate or thin out as weather heats up.

2.       Check your Tires. The pressure and tread are important to keep you moving. Check the tires, it could be time for replacement.

3.       Keep an Emergency Kit On-Hand. Supplies for your car and supplies for you could keep you out of a bind in the worst situations.

4.       Check your Car Over. Look under the hood for cracked or loose belts. Also, check around the body of the car and underneath for other easy to spot damages

5.       Be Safe when Towing. Take your time and do things the right way, don’t rush.

6.       Avoid Driving while Fatigued. Keep yourself safe by knowing when you need to stop or switch drivers. Take a rest if you feel sleepy, stop to see a scenic area, or grab some snacks and coffee.

7.       Don’t Over-Pack. You’ll make everyone along for the ride less comfortable and see a decline in your gas mileage. Plan for the space you have or consider a change in the vehicle you’ll drive on your trip.

8.       Consider Taking the Scenic Route. It will probably be worth the extra time. Enjoy more to look at and the possibility of less traffic.

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