Tips to Lowering Your Gas Bill

Gas prices are continuing to rise in most parts of the country and drivers are always looking for the cheapest station to fill-up at. Whether you have an older or newer model of Cadillac, Buick or GMC, you can add onto your miles per gallon by implementing these tips from fourth-generation ASE-certified technician Pam Oakes:

  • Get your junk out of your trunk: Your trunk isn’t a closet or a garbage can. Your shouldn’t be using it to store your bowling balls and your empty water bottles. Those extra pounds can add up in terms of fuel economy.
  • Fill your tires are air only: Some people think putting nitrogen in your tires will help prevent flat tires. It doesn’t matter. Just keep your tires full of air.
  • Watch your alignment: Check your alignment when you are at the gas pump. Look to see how your treads are wearing. If one is more worn than the other, your car is out of alignment.
  • Use cruise control: When the situation is appropriate, utilize the cruise control feature. It helps prevent fluctuations in speed due to your foot.
  • Don’t give your car junk food: Top-tier gasoline was the result of the auto manufactures, including GM, requesting higher standards to enable cars to run at the peak miles per gallon.
  • Keep calm: When traffic is bad, keep calm. Fast starts and pumping the gas pedal will use up more gas in your car.

If you are concerned about gas mileage on your car, head down to Arnie Bauer to look at new, gas-efficient models or talk to our services sector about maintenance to improve your mileage.

Source: The Atlanta Constitution Journal

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