Turkey Travel: The Do’s and Don’ts of Transporting Thanksgiving Food

Transporting Thanksgiving Food?

The season of gratitude and giving is upon us. As families prepare for feasts with relatives and friends, one important part of the holiday that must be taken into account is how to get the food there. Whether it’s just a short drive down the road in your new GMC Sierra 1500 or a half-day trek in the Buick Enclave on the highway, several factors come into play—where to put all the dishes, how to keep certain foods hot and others cold, and your car clean.

No worries if this year is your year to bring the turkey, green bean and sweet potato casseroles, stuffing, mac ‘n’ cheese or pies, here are a few tips and tricks to help while transporting Thanksgiving food.


  • Invest in casserole dishes with lids and insulated carrying cases
  • Use towels and newspapers to secure dishes and keep them from sliding
  • Use a laundry basket for extra security, placing dishes inside with towels
  • Buy a pie carrier or pick up a pie boxes from a local grocery store or bakery
  • Utilize non-slip drawer liners with grips to keep dishes from sliding around
  • Use a cooler or thermal bags to keep hot foods hot or cold foods cold
  • Cut the turkey before the drive, as it will be much easier to transport
  • Plan ahead and coordinate reheating dishes with the host


  • Let foods sit at room temperature for more than two hours
  • Partially cook a turkey at home and try to finish cooking it elsewhere
  • Transport dishes without a cover – use aluminum foil if you don’t have a lid
  • Place dishes (even if they are covered) on the car floor under a kid’s feet
  • Store food items where they can slide between seats and in hidden spaces
  • Forget the food in the trunk!

Important things to know

  • Hot food must be kept at or above 140⁰F
  • Cold foods must remain at 40°F or lower

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