Updated 2018 Buick Enclave Looks to Improve Legacy

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It may not seem like it’s been quite so long, but this year officially marks a full decade since the debut of the distinguished Buick Enclave, the luxury crossover that effectively set the stage for GM’s newest generation of successful SUVs. Enjoying a particularly long lifespan, especially for a vehicle looking to maintain popularity in the fiercely competitive SUV segment, the Enclave was immediately handed the big task of replacing a wide range of older SUVs and minivans, hopefully holding things down through last decade’s difficult automotive recession. Not only proving itself worthy of that task, but continuing to gain steam for some time after, the Enclave went on to establish a long-term popularity that’s given it little reason to make drastic changes to a successful design. By 2014, the Enclave was still receiving accolades like U.S. News and World Report’s best affordable mid-size SUV.


A Long-Awaited Makeover

Now, with things certainly looking more prosperous than they have in awhile, both at Buick specifically and across the automotive world as a whole, the company looks to bring the tried-and-true Enclave into a whole new era alongside an expanding lineup of fresh and exciting young entries. So far, all we’ve got to go on are a few early details and some tantalizing spy shots, but it’s still enough to get a fair idea of what to expect from the all-new 2018 Buick Enclave, which is set to debut at the upcoming New York International Auto Show starting on April 14th.


Emerging Details

Clearly, the new Enclave is looking to step things up when it comes to an outward sense of refinement, replacing its more rigid angles with a smoother, but no less sturdy, profile. Reflecting some of the big stylistic shifts apparent in the recent Avenir sedan concept, the 2018 Enclave is definitely making some bold moves to build effectively on a decade of experience. Early reports indicate that the new model will feature a beefy 3.6-liter LGX V6 paired with a tranquil 9-speed transmission, maintaining plenty of power alongside the Enclave’s top-notch comforts. The Enclave was also the first Buick vehicle to showcase the now-standard GM Lambda platform back in 2006, so it’s only proper that the 2018 Enclave will be doing similar work in showcasing the company’s recently updated C1XX long wheelbase platform.


Look for It Soon!

Like we mentioned, eager fans can get a great first look at the 2018 Buick Enclave at (or shortly after) this year’s upcoming New York Auto Show, which runs from April 14th to the 23rd. It shouldn’t be too much longer before the new Enclave arrives in dealer showrooms; reports say that it can be reasonably expected to emerge for sale before the last quarter of 2017. Expect plenty more news about it and lots of other fresh developments at Buick soon, and don’t wait to stop in to see the invigorated new Buick lineup anytime at Arnie Bauer, your one-stop Buick dealership!

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