White and Silver Top the Charts

Chances are your 2012 Buick, GM or Cadillac is either white or silver.

Twenty-two percent of cars and trucks built for the 2012 model year were painted white, the most popular car color throughout the world. Silver is a close second at 20 percent, with black rounding out the top three.

The annual car color rankings are compiled by automotive paint supplier PPG Industries Inc. who provides paint to General Motors Co., Fort Motor Co, BMW AG and other auto makers.

However, these color rankings are skewed by the number of pickup trucks on the market. One in four pickup trucks is painted white, as many companies purchase these vehicles and paint their own logo on the side.

PPG’s manager of color styling believes that Apple and other electronic gadgets are contributing to the increased popularity of the color white. As a result, manufacturers are making more shades of white, ranging from white to pearly.

GM’s lead color designer for exterior paints, Michelle Killen, believes that the color is increasingly popular because car buyers are looking to hold onto their cars for much longer. They don’t want to have a color they will get easily tired of.

Are you a fan of white or silver? Or do you prefer a loud color? No matter your preference, Arnie Bauer has the vehicle that is the right fit for you.

Source: NBC News

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