World’s Best Sport Sedans: 2017 Cadillac CTS V-Sport

2017 cadillac cts v-sport

Just because there aren’t any checkered flags anywhere in sight on your daily jaunt throughout the city doesn’t mean your vehicle should turn a blind eye to sportiness. And for those that want this speed, there’s no need to forgo the luxury of supple leather and ample seating room.

That’s why Cadillac offers the CTS V-Sport, a sedan tested on Germany’s famed Nürburgring track that can deliver 420 horsepower thanks to its Twin Turbo V6 Engine. From the outside, the CTS V-Sport still delivers classic Cadillac prowess and class, but it’ll jump to sixty in only 4.4 seconds—more than enough to turn a few heads and beat a few cars in the process.

When Forbes writer Michael Harley first test-drove the CTS V-Sport at an unveiling event in 2014, he knew it was a top contender right out of the gate.

“Cadillac has a bona fide winner on its hands with its new CTS,” recalled Harley, “but is it going to topple the 5-Series and E-Class?”

According to Car and Driver, yes.

“The attention to detail in suspension tuning puts the CTS a notch above the Germans in this class,” wrote K.C. Colwell for the publication. “The V-Sport chassis speaks to drivers as if they’re all weekend warriors, but without forgoing the balance between handling and ride, which in this case is among the best on the road today.”

Part of what makes the ride in the CTS V-Sport so smooth is the Magnetic Ride Control suspension paired with highly acclaimed Brembo front brakes and the electronic Limited-Slip Differential for cornering to make sure that all 420 horsepower stays firmly under the driver’s control.

So what’s new in the 2017 model? For starters, the car has undergone front and rear redesigns to give the CTS V-Sport a sleeker, sharper curb appeal alongside its new wheel designs, streamlined trim levels and even the option for a carbon black package. Inside, the CUE infotainment system allows drivers to select from a variety of driving modes, including new teen driver options, in addition to accessing a host of technological features to further customize the driving experience.

“Drive the V-Sport on a twisty road and it’s all smiles,” wrote Harley. “Toss it into a corner and it sticks with tenacity, demonstrating good balance and a willingness to get aggressive.”

If you’re ready to bring some of that grit and perseverance into your driveway, be sure to stop by Arnie Bauer to view our entire selection of 2016 and 2017 CTS sedans!

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